Your non-ferrous and special metals specialist!

With their expertise in these materials, our dynamic sales team guarantees efficient solutions with quick turnaround times.

Concept Metal’s force is its ability to supply semi-finished and finished products from drawings in all materials appearing the catalogue (primarily special metals), in single units and small, medium-sized and large series. Concept Metal’s particularity is to supply non-standard semi-finished products (such as large dimension preforms, blocks, plates, tubes, etc.)

 Concept Metal’s expertise is about advising and assisting you in the choice of special metals for studies using Tungsten, Molybdenum and Tantalum… There is also the possibility of construction, assembly or even welding operations using these special metals after a prior study by our technical team. Material quality is guaranteed by Concept Metal, and recognised by its very demanding customers in leading-edge technologies. Traceability and quality controls are also part of the guarantee covering products supplied to our customers.

Concept Metal’s service is very much focused on customer satisfaction in terms of speed of turnaround and solution pertinence, thanks to our highly-skilled technicians. The search for specific technical solutions is one of the services we provide. Concept Metal also stores special metals (contact us for more details). Concept Metal also expertise also includes recycling metals. As part of a specific contract, it is possible for us to take back your turnings or scraps from metal delivered to you by Concept Metal. Thanks to Concept Metal’s know-how, solutions can be proposed in a wide range of fields:

- Mechanics; plastic injection; pressure moulding; - stamping; aviation; nuclear; chemical - public works and agricultural machinery; metallurgy and steel works; - marine; research; armament, etc. Concept Metal’s development has been constant since its creation thanks to customer satisfaction and the broadening of product and service ranges on offer. Don’t hesitate to test us out!